Steklarna Rogaska d.d. is one of the leading producers of crystal ware in the world and the Rogaska trademark is at the highest level in terms of price, quality and design innovation in its branch of industry.

We at Steklarna Rogaska are aware that we do not design everyday objects. We design balance between functionality and aesthetics. We dare influence and to a certain extent shape the feelings of the user with each item we make. We are aware of the power of beauty that crystal possesses and therefore we give it to people who can appreciate the nobility of the spirit, knowledge, culture and art. Art.

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Decanter Rogaska – Bacco 1300 – 1,3 litri (LF1299)

Beautiful and mouth blown so-called ship decanter with the characteristic wide bottom. Especially suitable for aeration of wines that will benefit from oxygen in order to open before serving. Hand crafted decanter in genuine crystal glass. ...
112,00 89,60
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Vaso “Aster” cristallo (121670)

Vaso della linea Aster di Rogaska, realizzato in cristallo trasparente. Altezza 31 cm. I prodotti a marchio Rogaska sono lavorati in cristallo e artigianalmente nelle più antiche manifatture di cristallo d’Europa. I maestri artigiani della rinomata azienda, che hanno tramandato negli ...
266,00 212,80
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